Qualify A System

Dual Applications

To qualify a system for both Interior and Exterior listings, Dual Application offers a more streamlined questionnaire with scope-specific questions and a simplified review process for the secondary qualification.

  • Submit a New OEM application and qualify the system for the first listing (for example, Interior scope) following the process described here.
  • Once the system is published in the NLC QPL, you will be able to submit the Dual Application to qualify for the secondary listing (Exterior scope in this case).
  • Select New OEM as the application type and pick  “Yes, this is a new qualification for an existing system”.
  • From the dropdown menu, pick the system you would like to qualify for the scope counterpart.
  • Complete the questionnaire and submit the application.
  • System presentation and customer interview is waived for dual listing.
  • Please note that in addition to the Interior “Required” Capabilities, Scheduling is a requirement to qualify as an Exterior system. For more information on Interior and Exterior  “Required” capabilities, review the NLC5 Technical Requirements.

Dual Application Fees

For the secondary qualification, the fee is $5500. Please refer to the Revision Schedule and Listing Fees for details.