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Horticultural Lighting

Horticultural Lighting QPL Revision Cycle

The DLC has adopted a preset revision cycle for the Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements and QPL to give greater predictability surrounding changes to end users.

The QPL will undergo 24-month major revision cycles focusing on efficacy and structural updates, and 12-month minor revision cycles focusing on administrative and process improvements.

Timing for Horticultural Technical Requirements V2.0 and V2.1

The 24-Month Major Revision Cycle

Six months prior to a new major cycle’s start date, the DLC will announce a new efficacy threshold for the upcoming Technical Requirements revision. The new threshold will be based on a query of all qualified products on the Horticultural QPL and will be determined by the fifteenth percentile of PPE – that value which is the dividing line between the least efficacious 15% of products, and the more efficacious upper 85% of products.

  • Products in the upper 85th percentile must reconfirm their availability on the market in order to remain listed on the QPL. There will be a small associated reconfirmation fee, and manufacturers will be notified of the need to reconfirm product availability six months in advance of a Technical Requirements revision. If products are not reconfirmed within a twelve month grace period after implementation of the revised Technical Requirements, the products will be delisted.
  • Products in the lower 15th percentile must be updated to meet the new PPE threshold and must update their tested performance with the DLC within a twelve month grace period after implementation of the revised Technical Requirements to remain on the QPL. Manufacturers will be notified of the need to update their product performance six months in advance of a Technical Requirements revision. Products for which no reapplication is received within the twelve month grace period will be delisted.

The 12-Month Minor Revision Cycle

Minor revision cycles will focus only on process and administrative improvements, and will not include delistings due to changing efficacy thresholds.

The DLC’s first minor revision cycle involves the provisional allowance of non-PPF LM-80 data to be used to qualify products, and a switch to requiring TM-33-based data after the first 12-month revision cycle.

  • Products qualified using provisional non-PPF LM-80 data during the first year of the DLC’s horticultural program will be delisted if acceptable PPF LM-80 data is not provided within the allotted grace period. Manufacturers using non-PPF LM-80 data will be notified well in advance of the grace period to update their listings with appropriate test data.
  • TM-33-based data will be required for DLC qualification following the first 24-month major revision cycle. Static images derived from this data will be posted to the Horticultural QPL to respect the proprietary nature of the information. Products that were qualified without TM-33-based data will be required to provide TM-33-based data to requalify to V2.0.