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DLC Membership is offered to utility energy efficiency programs and regional energy efficiency organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada that promote the use of DLC listed products through Commercial & Industrial lighting rebate programs. Members provide valuable input on our policy development to create rigorous criteria for lighting performance that save energy and keeps up with the pace of technology. Together, we’re creating solutions for a better future with better lighting.

The DLC relies on Member support to maintain the Qualified Products Lists for solid-sate lighting, networked lighting controls, and horticultural lighting, and to develop other tools and resources that support the success of their lighting rebate programs. As a Member, you can expect these great benefits:

  • Data.

    Members support the DLC’s comprehensive application review team saving you valuable time, money, and resources. Additionally, Members receive unlimited access to the qualified products lists (QPL) and product evaluation tools to help support your commercial lighting programs.

  • Expertise.

    Members have a direct line of communication to DLC technical staff for any questions related to solid-state lighting, networked lighting controls, horticultural lighting, and LUNA.

  • Resources.

    Members get exclusive access to market research reports, whitepapers, and fact sheets to help communicate important lighting topics to your consumers and trade allies.

  • Engagement.

    Members are able to sit on committees and working groups to influence DLC strategic planning and direction of new policies.



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