Qualify A System

System Definitions

The DLC accepts applications for interior and/or exterior networked lighting control systems. Such systems are defined for the purposes of the Qualified Products List (QPL) as the combination of sensors, network interfaces, and controllers that effect lighting changes to luminaires, but do not include the luminaires themselves. DC and PoE networked lighting control systems are eligible to be qualified, in conjunction with the SSL Testing and Reporting Requirements for DC and PoE Lamps, Luminaires, and Retrofit Kits.

All systems must be fully commercially available and able to be purchased with complete, final documentation and literature readily available on the manufacturer’s website before they can be listed. The DLC also requires that a qualified system has been installed and operated successfully in at least one actual field installation not owned by the Applicant or by a business partner of the Applicant (such as a sales rep), before listing on the QPL.

“System” Definitions

“Systems” will be listed on the Networked Lighting Controls QPL according to the “system” name that the system is marketed under. Variations of system configuration that are marketed under a single name will be treated as a single system for qualification and listing purposes. The QPL will stipulate what configurations or components are required to meet the Technical Requirements.

Systems that are marketed under a different name using different components produced by the same manufacturer, even if they share some of the same components, must be qualified and listed separately with a full qualification fee for each additional system name.

Interior and Exterior Systems

The DLC will list interior and exterior control systems separately. It is recognized that some systems exist that function in both interior and exterior environments. For a single system to be qualified for both an interior AND an exterior listing, two applications must be submitted, one for the interior listing, and one for the exterior listing. To qualify a system for both Interior and Exterior environments, refer to Dual Applications. A reduced fee is offered for the second listing. (See “Revision Schedule and Listing Fees” for details).

Family of Related Systems

The DLC offers reduced fee amounts for family member systems. Family member systems are child or derivative systems of a parent system that may offer small differences in feature sets and/or characteristics, but are otherwise identical to the parent system. For example, they may have a reduced or simplified feature set for less complex applications, or feature sets that are configured for a specific vertical or application, such as an exterior child of a parent interior system. In these cases, the parent system would typically be the most fully-featured system. Manufacturers interested in preparing a family set of applications must contact info@designlights.org to confirm a plan before completing the applications.

Private Label Solutions

Private label systems identical to systems that have been previously qualified by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) may be qualified at a reduced fee. The private label system should be identical in capabilities and in documentation, except for the system name and logo.  If the OEM is seeking to qualify a system under multiple brands or names, they must provide this information and the applicable fees with the original application. If another organization or brand is submitting an application to private label an OEM’s system, they must submit the application after the OEM system has been qualified. Manufacturers interested in preparing a private label application should contact info@designlights.org to confirm eligibility before completing the application. 

In all cases, a Private Label Agreement Form must be completed and signed by representatives of all organizations involved. If one organization is listing products under different brand names, the signature of a representative of the parent organization is sufficient.

Please note that private labeled systems are dependent on qualification and maintained listing of the OEM system, and if for any reason the OEM system is delisted, all associated dependent private labeled systems will also be delisted.

  • Delisting of an OEM system may occur for a variety of reasons such as if a manufacturer voluntarily requests that their system be delisted, or if the system is delisted due to non-compliance with program requirements, logo use violation, or other misrepresentation.

Note: An organization that is a signatory to the Private Label Agreement Form may choose to withdraw its consent at any time by submitting a written request to the DLC that the private label listing be terminated. Any such request must be signed by an authorized representative of the organization. Upon receipt of such a request, the DLC will delist the private labeled system from the QPL.

Multi-Vendor Solutions

The DLC recognizes that some manufacturers and/or vendors may combine different systems or components from multiple manufacturers. If such a combination is marketed under a new system name as a system solution, it must be qualified separately under that system’s name. In this case, the system should be qualified by a “Prime” applicant that has named the system. Multi-vendor systems must be sold together and have literature to support the integration to be qualified in the above manner.

If a multi-vendor solution is not marketed under a new system name as a system solution and the combination of products is only implemented in the field on a project-by-project basis, it is not eligible to be listed on the QPL. These types of systems will be eligible for DLC Member utility rebates at the sole discretion of the individual utility.