Networked Lighting Controls for Small Buildings

Networked Lighting Controls for Small Buildings

Here’s how we can get more networked lighting controls in small to medium-sized buildings

The DesignLights Consortium is a non-profit organization improving energy efficiency, lighting quality, and the human experience in the built environment.

We want to create a world where there are more incentives for networked lighting controls projects for commercial buildings both large and small. And we want to maximize the incentive for every fixture. To achieve that, we are launching a pilot program to:

  1. Streamline the process of ordering and installing small-scale networked lighting control systems (primarily Bluetooth mesh based)
  2. Create a project installation report that can be utilized by multiple stakeholders including installers, building owners, utilities, and even occupants
  3. Reduce return site visits by improving project communication.

Click here to learn more and see if your project is a good fit for our pilot.

You can help influence the market for small-scale networked lighting controls and be a part of the future of energy efficiency. Networked lighting controls (NLCs) have the potential to save 49% MORE energy after an LED retrofit. In the past, these systems required a large up-front investment in servers and programming, but new technologies, such as Bluetooth mesh, have helped reduce the initial price tags while maintaining savings potential. These untapped savings are a huge business opportunity for you and a huge energy savings opportunity for utilities. This pilot program will pave the way for better incentives so that you can sell more projects.

What is considered a small to medium-sized building?  

<50,000 square feet

What is a small-scale networked lighting control system?  

A new generation of NLCs, many of them Bluetooth mesh based, can deliver energy saving lighting control strategies without requiring local or cloud-based servers or complicated integrations.