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DLC Advanced Lighting Control Systems (ALCS) Training Program

Unfamiliarity with how to design, install, and commission networked lighting controls is a key barrier that prevents widespread adoption and increases the cost of the technology. To address this barrier, the DLC has developing a training program for the design and installation of networked lighting controls.

Through this course, participants will be equipped to explain to their customers the features and benefits that ALCS offer and how to configure them to maximize the benefit for any given situation. The course begins with an overview of the different types of ALCS, from traditional to new and innovative. The instructor will compare the complexity and wiring requirements of each type while providing new tools for selecting the right system for a given customer and application. Finally, participants will work in small groups to wire a new control system and use their laptops and smartphones to commission it.


Steve Mesh has 37 years of experience designing lighting for a variety of projects both domestically and internationally. He is a me mber of the IES and has served on the Energy Management Committee for ASHRAE 90.1. Steve was part of the development team for the Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program offered in California. He has taught lighting for the past 33 years and has been a Contributing Editor of Building Operating Management.

Kandice Cohen, founder and President of Bright Light Energy Consulting, works with a wide range of energy-related businesses throughout North America to accelerate the adoption of connected lighting and total light management solutions. Her outreach to energy-related organizations helps the lighting industry create the infrastructure of the future for smart commercial and industrial buildings. Kandice drives incentive strategy and serves as a subject matter expert fully understanding all utility, federal, and state incentives for lighting and controls to create a paradigm shift in the advanced lighting and control industry.

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National Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program


The National Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (NALCTP) is a week long, in-depth training course for electrical contractors on advanced lighting control technology currently offered in California, Illinois, Washington, and parts of Canada.