Surveillance Testing

Surveillance Testing Program

On May 30, 2018, the DLC issued a draft revision of the Surveillance Testing Policy for stakeholder comment. The comment period is now closed. The cover letter, draft policy revision, and comment form are available to download below.

Draft policy out for stakeholder comment

The DLC has developed a Surveillance Testing Program for qualified products to monitor the validity of data submitted to the Solid-State Lighting QPL pre- and post-qualification. This performance verification system was created to protect the value of the QPL by minimizing potential threats of gaming or fraud.


The first draft for this program, the Product Verification Performance Testing Policy (PVPT) proposal, was sent out for comment in 2014. Based on the comments received during the Stakeholder Input Process, the DLC explored alternative approaches to monitoring the validity of product data pre- and post-qualification. The key changes between the PVPT draft proposal in 2014 and the Surveillance Testing Program proposal in 2015 is that the strict challenge structure has been replaced by targeted random sampling. The targeted random sampling focuses verification efforts on products with a higher likelihood of noncompliance. The draft policy went out for industry comment once again and the final policy was released in December 2016.

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Development of the Surveillance Testing Program