Qualification Requirements

Solid-State Lighting Qualification Requirements


The second draft of Solid-State Lighting Technical Requirements V5.0 has been released for stakeholder comment. Please submit comments using the DLC comment form by November 8, 2019. V5.0 will continue to accelerate broad scale energy savings by improving the quality of light and controllability of DLC listed products.

  • Product Eligibility/Primary Use Designations

    Product Eligibility/Primary Use Designations

    The DLC qualifies commercial LED luminaires, retrofit kits, linear replacement lamps, mogul (E39) screw-base replacement lamps, and four pin-base replacement lamps for CFLs on the DLC QPL. Click below to see whether the DLC qualifies your specific product type.

  • Technical Requirements V4.4

    Technical Requirements V4.4

    The Solid-State Lighting Technical Requirements are a set of minimum technical specifications that products must meet to be qualified on the DLC QPL. Please review the requirements carefully for your specific product type before submitting a product application.

  • Testing and Reporting Requirements

    Testing and Reporting Requirements

    Retrofit kits, linear replacement lamps, screw-base replacements for HID lamps, four pin-base replacement lamps for CFLs, hazardous location lighting, color-tunable products, and field-adjustable products require additional test data or supporting documentation to ensure the submitted product meets the Technical Requirements. Review the information in this section to understand the requirements unique to these categories and for Safety Certification Requirements applicable to all submitted products.

  • Testing Lab Requirements

    Testing Lab Requirements

    DLC applications require that product testing be conducted at an accredited laboratory appropriate for the performance being evaluated. These tests may include in situ measurement tests (ISTMT), LM-79, LM-80, LM-84, or compatibility tests for four pin-base replacement lamps for CFLs.

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  • DLC Premium Requirements

    DLC Premium Requirements

    DLC Premium is a higher-performance classification for luminaires and retrofit kits. Products submitted to the DLC Premium classification must meet higher efficacy and lumen maintenance requirements and must also provide a driver ISTMT and information about integral controls.

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  • Past Technical Requirements

    Past Technical Requirements

    Development of Technical Requirements for the DLC Solid-State Lighting QPL is an ongoing process involving input from Members, stakeholders, and our Technical Committee. See below for an archive of past versions of the DLC Solid-State Lighting Technical Requirements.