Networked Lighting Controls V5 (NLC5) Requirements

Networked Lighting Controls V5 (NLC5) Requirements

Adding NLCs to LED lighting projects can boost energy savings by nearly 50 percent, yet adoption of the technology remains limited. Barriers such as technology complexity, high cost, and lack of standardization and interoperability have prevented the technology from achieving its full potential. Education, common standards, and system selection guidance, are needed to address these barriers and achieve widespread adoption.

The DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls Technical Requirement and associated QPL provide an essential resource to efficiency program administrators, designers, specifiers, distributors, contractors, and end users to identify, compare, and select rebate-eligible, high-performing control systems for use on projects. To keep pace with quickly evolving technology and standards, the DLC revises its requirements for Networked Lighting Controls annually in June.

Final policy released on DLC website



Desired Outcomes and Benefits


The NLC5 revision continues to raise the bar for listed systems with multiyear plans for cybersecurity, energy monitoring, and interoperability.


The listing of networked lighting controls systems in combination with utility rebates leads to higher market adoption and increased customer satisfaction.


More DLC Member utilities provide more extensive support for networked lighting controls technology.



Installers and specifiers have the data and tools they need to be able to select and install networked lighting control systems appropriately.





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Next Steps

  • July, 2020: NLC5 application form released


Drafts and Documents

Second Draft Documents
First Draft Documents


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