Qualify a Fixture

Qualify a Fixture


  1. Determine if your product is eligible to be qualified by the DLC and meets the Technical Requirements.

    See the Technical Requirements to determine whether your product is eligible for qualification, meets DLC minimum performance requirements, and has been properly tested.

  2. Gather required documentation for horticultural product submission.

    Review the Required Documentation Checklist below to ensure you have the necessary files on hand to complete the application form. Refer to the Horticultural Application Question Descriptions list below for detailed explanations of each question that will appear on the horticultural application form.

    Required Documentation Checklist    Application Question Descriptions

  3. Sign in to the DLC website.

    If you have not done so already, create a manufacturer log-in. The DLC recommends that the application be completed by a person with technical knowledge of lighting products and testing, such as a product engineer. Experience has shown that applications submitted by non-technical staff may lack important details which can delay overall processing.

  4. Create a new application in your Manufacturer Account.

    Once logged in, click the Applications tab on your Dashboard. Click the green Create Application button. Enter the required Application Details and Application Contact Information, and select the Horticultural application type.

    Create Horticultural Application

  5. Add products to your application.

    Review the instructions on the screen and proceed. Click "Add Product" to begin entering product data into the application.

    Add Horticultural Product

  6. Complete the application form for your product.

    The application consists of nine sections. You may fill out each section in order, or skip between the sections using Section Guide at the top of your application.  Once each required question is answered, you will see a green Complete tag on the question or application section. Once you have filled out all required information, a blue Complete tag will show up at the top of your application.

    Complete the Horticultural Application

  7. If you are submitting multiple products in your application, complete the application for each additional product.

    Add additional products to your application by navigating to the Products tab and clicking Add Product. Follow the same process to enter information and upload documentation for every product you are including in your application. Because each product in an application must be reviewed before sending feedback, applications with multiple products will be reviewed more slowly, especially if reviewers have a question about one of the products in an application, while others are accepted.

  8. Submit the application.

    Application review will not begin until the application is submitted. After completing the form for every product you are submitting in your application, click the Submit Application button in the top right-hand corner of the Products section.
    Submit Horticultural Application

    This button will present you with a digital Application Agreement that includes the DLC Self-Certification Statement, Logo Guidelines Compliance Statement, Surveillance Testing Compliance Statement, and Safety Certification Compliance Statement. Sign the agreement to submit your application. For those applicants who do not have the appropriate level of authority to sign the agreement, it is recommended that the signing authority create a DLC account under your company's organization and digitally sign off once the application is complete.

  9. Pay the invoice.

    Once your application is approved by a reviewer, you will be issued an invoice for the product(s) that have been approved. View the full list of listing fees here. You will receive an email notice once you have been invoiced, with instructions for payment. Upon payment, the approved products will be automatically promoted to the DLC’s Horticultural QPL.