The DLC is pleased to release the final version of SSL Technical Requirements Version 5, which includes two policies: V5.0 and V5.1. Both policies are now published on the DLC website but have different effective dates. For more information on the transition to SSL Technical Requirements V5, view the V5 transition webpage.

Qualify a System

Qualify a System

The Networked Lighting Controls QPL Application Review Process

The Networked Lighting Controls application review process begins with an initial review of the application for system eligibility and completeness, followed by invoicing/payment, and then a detailed review before the system can be listed. See the system requirements and application instructions below for full details.

  • System Definitions

    System Definitions

    The DLC currently accepts applications for Interior and/or Exterior Networked Lighting Controls systems. See the System Definitions page for full definitions of eligible systems and information on multi-vendor solutions and private labeling.

  • Technical Requirements

    Technical Requirements

    Please review the Technical Requirements carefully before submitting a system application. Email any questions about the Technical Requirements to

  • Application Instructions

    Application Instructions

    To submit a system to be qualified and listed, please follow the Application Instructions carefully. The system application form and supporting materials can be downloaded below. Please email with any questions about the application process.

  • Review Timelines and Fees

    Review Timelines and Fees

    The time to review your system application is projected at 3-4 weeks from the time you pay the listing fee. Please see the Revision Schedule and Listing Fees page for full information about qualification and listing fees.

  • Download Application Forms