Due to a high volume of SSL and Hort applications, initial and comprehensive review timeframes are currently extended by 10 days each. Beginning April 11, review priority will be given to applications updating V5.0 products to V5.1, which may also impact review timeframes for all other SSL application types. Click here for more details about SSL application review timeframes, and here for more details about Hort review timeframes. Thank you for your understanding!

As of Tuesday, May 3, 2022 the DLC will require all users to create and log into a free MyDLC account to view and search the DLC Qualified Products Lists (QPLs). Your MyDLC account provides you with a customized dashboard on the DLC website, featuring quick access to the QPLs, news and updates, resources, and more.

This change also introduces another level of security around the QPL data and streamlines the use of the save and download features in the QPL search tool.

  • If you already have a MyDLC account – the only change you will notice is a log in prompt when you visit the QPLs.
  • If you do not have a MyDLC account – we encourage you to create one now in preparation for Tuesday’s change. Creating an account is easy and takes no more than five minutes.

Be sure to subscribe for email updates to ensure that you have the latest information on the DLC products, technical requirements and news.


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