DLC News
May 19, 2020

New DLC Report & Webinar: Interoperability for Networked Lighting Controls

On Thursday, June 4 at 2:00pm ET, DLC will host a webinar that explores the current interest in networked lighting controls (NLC) and the benefits various stakeholders can attain from championing interoperable systems.

The webinar will dig into the DLC's latest report, Interoperability for Networked Lighting ControlsBy detailing three specific and actionable use cases, the report and subsequent webinar explain why interoperability is essential for the long-lasting relevance of NLCs and outlines the steps lighting stakeholders can take to move the industry toward a more interoperable future.

Read the Report: Interoperability for Networked Lighting Controls

Key benefits of NLC interoperability outlined in the report include a more consistent experience between users and the potential for interoperability standards to result in reduced product development time and cost. Furthermore, increased interoperability could help utility incentive programs expand their NLC support.

A clearly-defined list of action items for each stakeholder group appears at the end of each use case and are summarized in the conclusion of the report. Even focusing on just one specific use case or recommended strategy can help move the industry forward, and the report endeavors to make each approach actionable and practical.