Horticultural Lighting V1.2

Horticultural Lighting V1.2

Horticultural grow facilities are quickly becoming the fastest growing electric load for many utilities, with lighting representing the greatest portion of that load. Well-designed horticultural lighting products have the potential to save energy while optimizing plant growth and health. 

In order to stay up to date with emerging technologies and the state of the industry, the DLC published the following minor revision to its Testing and Reporting Requirements for Horticultural Lighting as Version 1.2, effective October 21, 2019.

Final policy goes into effect


Desired Outcomes and Benefits

Technical Requirements enable a variety of reliable and efficient horticultural products to be qualified on the DLC SSL QPL.

The policy includes clear definition(s), performance criteria, and testing requirements to ensure listed products are high quality and energy efficient.

Energy efficiency program administrators and others support the installation of high quality, energy efficient horticultural lighting products in their lighting rebate or procurement programs, driving market adoption of energy efficient solutions in horticultural applications. 
Growers and specifiers have the data and tools they need to be able to specify horticultural lighting products appropriately.
Utilities are better able to manage increasing energy demand from horticultural facilities through incentive programs for a range of efficient and effective horticultural lighting products.




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