Qualify a LUNA Product

LUNA Guidance for Manufacturers

Why Qualify to LUNA?

Light pollution is becoming a widespread concern among the public and property owners are actively looking for solutions to comply with outdoor lighting ordinances. Manufacturers who want to differentiate themselves from the competition should qualify outdoor lighting products to LUNA so that customers can be sure they are purchasing solutions that are both energy efficient and dark-sky friendly.

LUNA offers the most complete technical requirements for high quality exterior lighting that mitigates light pollution, taking several important steps beyond other organizations’ dark sky requirements.

  • First, all LUNA listed products must meet DLC’s comprehensive SSL V5.1 lighting criteria covering lighting quality, energy efficiency, and lumen and color maintenance.
  • Second, LUNA thresholds, testing, and reporting requirements are often more rigorous. For example, uplight ratings (ANSI/IES U rating from the TM-15 BUG rating system) are more restrictive and spectral information from tested LUNA products is downloadable to inform compliance with spectral regulations. An image of the spectral power distribution (SPD) is also included.
  • Furthermore, mounting structures that meet the LUNA tilt/leveling requirements are included in the listed model numbers to prevent increased light pollution from tilted products.

The LUNA requirements were guided by the perspectives and recommendations of the LUNA Advisory Group, comprised of experienced lighting experts from the research, design, and utility sectors.

Helpful Documents for Qualifying LUNA Products

  1. Start at our Qualify a LUNA Product page for an overview of the application process.
  2. Read a high-level summary of key LUNA requirements that differ from SSL V5.1 Requirements in LUNA V1.0 Technical Requirements Guidance for Submitters.
  3. Learn about common misunderstandings of the LUNA Technical Requirements in our Application Guidance resource.
  4. Watch this video to better understand the incremental testing and reporting requirements for LUNA-eligible products and how to complete the LUNA application form. Leora Radetsky and Aaron Feldman also present an in-depth overview of a few helpful resources. To follow along download the documents:
    1. Technical Requirements Guidance for Submitters
    2. LUNA V1.0 Application Form
    3. Example LUNA OEM New App Excel Form
    4. Application Guidance for LUNA V1.0

5. Watch this video for Application Processing and Tips.

6. Get help filling out the Excel Application Form with this Example LUNA OEM New App Excel Form.

7. Learn more about the the LUNA Pre-Submission Tool for generating SPD and luminous intensity distribution images.