DLC Controls Summit 2023

Unlocking the Potential of Networked Lighting Controls

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September 26 and 27, 2023
Detroit, MI

The 2023 Controls Summit was held in Detroit on September 26 and 27 “Unlocking the Potential of Networked Lighting Controls.” Networked Lighting Controls (NLCs) can boost energy savings 49% on average compared with savings possible through LEDs alone. Despite this high potential, NLCs have achieved less than 1% market penetration. We’re all well aware of the challenges: Lack of incentives, complex system architecture, low interoperability, and an absence of education and sales training to name a few. During this summit, you’ll mingle with like-minded market influencers to hatch a plan to escape the cycle of frustration.

Everyone is focused on the puzzle piece in front of them, but to solve the problem we need to work together. Sharing proven strategies and lessons learned will get us on the road to adoption for greater savings, demand controls, and a grid enabled future. Our combined expertise holds the key to leveraging today’s technology and unlocking the solution not just for tomorrow, but the strategy for the next decade.

Who Should Attend

The DLC Controls Summit is an opportunity for professionals who design, promote, install, and incentivize lighting controls to network, learn, and collaborate on ways to break down the barriers plaguing lighting controls in commercial buildings of all sizes.

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DLC Members, Utility Energy Efficiency Program Staff, and Program Implementers
    As decarbonization strategies are prioritized, the role of energy efficiency measures becomes increasingly important to make electrification viable. Cracking the code of NLC adoption can unlock 49% additional savings in commercial lighting projects and allow you to continue to claim lighting savings for years to come.
Lighting Controls Manufacturers & Representatives
    The opportunity to address an underserved market exists, and this is your chance to collaborate with other segments of the industry and bring back insights to inform your next round of product development. What challenges do they face and which product features might increase adoption? The conversations and your feedback will inform the DLC’s next round of technical requirements.
Lighting Controls Installers and Other Trade Allies
    You’re tasked with decoding both program requirements and product manuals while trying to meet customer expectations. Your experiences will help us uncover insights to improve both programs and products and clear the path to smooth, successful installations in an untapped market.
Decarbonization Advocates
    Explore how NLCs can form the backbone of grid-enabled solutions. Lighting controls don’t only provide energy savings, but can also open up non-energy benefits like productivity gains, safety and security enhancements, and extended product lifecycles. Your input on the role that codes and standards play in commercial buildings will launch the next iteration of our electrical grid.


Download the agenda below. Please note the agenda is subject to change up until the event date.

COVID-19 Policy

The health and safety of our attendees is important to the DLC. The DLC will comply with all local, state and federal COVID-19 mandates.

*These policies are subject to change. The DLC will update this page on an ongoing basis.