Industry Advisory Committee

The purpose of the IAC is to support the mission and strategic direction of the DLC and drive efficient lighting through education, collaboration, and expertise. Activities and agenda of the IAC include but are not limited to DLC business updates, programs to promote lighting quality, utility program best practices for lighting efficiency, ongoing opportunities, challenges and potential risks to the advancement of energy saving lighting technologies. 

Committee Members

The IAC is comprised of 17 representatives from the lighting industry. Committee Members have been self- or peer-nominated, and were either appointed by the DLC or elected by their peers, as outlined in the Committee Charter. The term for all representatives is two years. The current term is 2021-2023.

The 2021-2023 Industry Advisory Committee consists of the following representatives:


  • Marc Hodges

    Sonepar USA

    I am originally from Mississippi. Attended University of Mississippi for both BA and MBA. In my Lighting Career I have worked in Lyon France (internship), New York City (project manager), Los Angeles (Rep Spec Sales) and Nashville TN (Industrial Energy Specialist). I received my LC back in 2016. Really enjoy selling Lighting Solutions that save energy and upgrade the quality of light in the space.

  • Bernie Erickson

    Facilities Solutions Group

    Bernie Erickson has over 42 years of experience building businesses and designing lighting projects. He currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Innovation at Facilities Solutions Group, and the President of the NCQLP. Bernie currently holds the LC for the NCQLP, The CLEP from the AEE, the CLMC from NALMCO, and holds Emeritus status with the IES. He received his MBA from Montclair State University and BA from Rutgers University. His recent lighting project at the World Trade Center Oculus received an IES Illuminations Award of Merit in 2021.

Lighting Controls Manufacturers

  • Michael Davidson

    Synapse Wireless

    Michael Davidson is a solutions architect engineer with Synapse Wireless, assisting OEMs and end-users with everything from controls integration to system installation and configuration. He joined the team in 2009, is focused on building ecosystems around DALI-2 and IEC 62386 standards, and is a member of IES, ANSI, NALMCO, DLC, and DiiA committees on lighting controls. Michael offers his colleagues and customers a wealth of technical and field-application knowledge related to the design, installation, configuration, and commissioning of intelligent lighting systems and other IoT applications. He has been recognized for his professional accomplishments and speaking engagements at lighting industry events. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, Michael spent the next 30 years managing sales teams and IoT engineers for Forbes Fortune 100 companies and venture capital organizations.

  • Stephen Irving

    Lutron Electronics

    Stephen Irving is a Standards Development Leader at Lutron Electronics. He has over 20 years of experience at Lutron, ranging from engineering product design, quality, compliance, global certifications, and standards development. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

    Stephen currently focuses on energy efficiency and system performance standards and regulations, advocating for the best interests of Lutron’s customers. He represents Lutron in the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Electro-Fed Canada (EFC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Committees C87 (lamps), C82 (ballasts and drivers), and C137 (lighting systems), and in the Global Lighting Association (GLA). Stephen currently serves as the Chair of NEMA’s Lighting Controls Technical Committee and Vice-Chair of NEMA’s International and Regional Standardization Committee.

  • Eric Miller

    Avi-on Labs

    Mr. Miller is Co-Founder/CEO/CTO Avi-on Labs. Prior to founding Avi-on, Mr. Miller was Senior Vice President at Trilliant, Vice President of global software at Itron, and Vice President of Strategy at Silicon Energy. Eric has over 20 years of experience overseeing the development and deployment of multiple large-scale utility, industrial, and commercial building IOT platforms. Mr. Miller has also been a National leader in energy efficiency policy, renewable energy development, demand response, and utility energy resource planning for over 30 years.

Medium Manufacturers

  • Dan Wang-Munson

    RAB Lighting

    Dan Wang-Munson is the Optics, Test and Compliance Manager at RAB Lighting.

    She is the lead optical engineer with over ten years of optical design experience. She has designed optics for various types of LED products, some of which had received next generation luminaire, architectural SSL product innovation, Core77 design awards and other awards.

    She is also in charge of the testing and compliance team, managing all new and sustaining products testing, making sure the products perform, last and meet all compliance requirements.

    She has extensive knowledge in product design, product testing, products compliance as well as critical components in LED luminaires.

    She received a MS. in lighting from the Lighting Research Center in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2009 as well as a MS in optical engineering in China in 2003 and a BS in mechanical engineering in 1999. She received her LC in 2015 and has been granted over 10 patents in products design.

Small Manufacturers

  • Daniel Katz, LC

    Eiko Global, LLC

    Daniel Katz has been in the lighting industry for over 10 years. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS and moved out to California to receive his MA from Woodbury University. From there, he started with Lightolier in a sales role. Growing through multiple roles, of being a category sales manager to national account manager, and some time in New Jersey as a product marketing manager within Philips Lighting/Signify, he eventually made the jump to Kansas, working for Eiko Global LLC. Currently he is a senior product manager working on the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. Daniel has also held his LC from the NCQLP, since 2017. Like most people, Daniel never thought he would be in the lighting industry growing up, but once he got in it, there was no turning back.

  • Daniel Kroencke


    Daniel Kroencke has been in the lighting industry for over 10 years. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. From there, he joined ILP as the first dedicated design engineer developing LED products for the company. Leading product development, he built up the design team and expanded product portfolios in the Commercial, Outdoor, and Industrial segments. Currently Daniel is the VP of Engineering overseeing product development, sustaining engineering, and certifications.

  • Corinne Wilder

    Fluence by OSRAM

    Corinne has spent her career fusing her childhood love for science with the rigors of international business development. She entered the lighting industry at Universal Lighting Technologies and Panasonic (ULT), where she tracked LED sales forecasting and demand planning and was responsible for reviewing energy standards and codes for lighting technology. Today, she is responsible for all business reporting and analytics for internal operations, heading the company’s commercial support teams, including the utility rebates and incentives program, and directing internal processes to meet global strategic goals for the cannabis and commercial food markets.

Top 6 Manufacturers by QPL Listings

  • Michael S. O’Boyle, LC


    Michael S. O’Boyle, has been in the lighting industry for 40 years. He started at Underwriters Laboratories, moved to Lightolier-Genlyte/Thomas, then to Philips Lighting, and is now with Signify. Michael has been actively involved with safety & performance standards for his entire career; where he has held various R&D, product testing, product certification, and product standards positions.  Michael is a principal member of the National Electrical Code panel 18 (lighting).  He is also the ANSI appointed US technical advisor to the IEC TC34 subcommittee IEC SC34D (luminaires). Michael has been an active member of multiple committees for various standard development organizations including: ANSI (C78,C81, C82, C136, C137), ASHRAE (TC2.09),  CANENA (chair of THSC34D), CSA (ICLP),IEC (TC34), IES (Horticultural, Test Procedures, Photobiological), and UL Standard Technical Panels (UL153, UL496, UL935, UL970, UL1573, UL1574, UL1598, UL1838, UL1993, UL2108, UL8750, UL8800, UL8802).  Michael is chair of The NEMA Luminaire Technical Committee and was past chair of both the NEMA Luminaire Section and the NEMA Codes & Standards Committee. He is also a chair of the American Lighting Association Engineering Committee. Michael has industry awards including: The ALA Pillar of the Industry (2007),  UL Leadership in LED Lighting Safety and Standards Development (2010), and the National Electrical Code Quarter Century Club (2019). Michael has five US utility patents in the field of lighting. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science (Electrical) from The New Jersey Institute of Technology.

  • Tanya Hernandez

    Acuity Brands

    Tanya is Vice President of Government & Industry Relations at Acuity Brands. She evaluates and advances legislative and regulatory strategy related to energy and environmental issues and works as a liaison to standards development organizations. She holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University, is a registered professional engineer (PE) and is lighting certified (LC). She has more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, including lighting and electrical design, energy and environmental standards development, and certification of energy-efficient lighting systems and equipment.

  • Bob Smith

    Cooper Lighting

    Bio coming

  • Jon Vollers

    Cree Lighting

    Jonathan is Lighting Certified, has mechanical engineering degree from Syracuse University, and has a MBA from Baker College. He worked in the Aerospace Industry for 15 years prior to making the switch into Lighting in 2012.  Since that time, he has managed photometry laboratories, a reliability laboratory, and the performance validation of Cree Lighting Solid-State LED lamp and luminaire designs to meet ENERGY STAR, DesignLights Consortium, California Energy Commission’s Quality LED Lamps, Title 20, & Title 24 requirements, as well as many others.  He also elevates the industry by contributing on the IES Test Procedure and the NCQLP Test Examination Committees along with his work at Cree Lighting.

  • Jeremy Yon

    Current by GE

    Jeremy Yon is the Industry Relations Leader for GE Current, a Daintree company. In this role, he is responsible for industry-wide activities with external organizations including the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Electro-Federation Canada (EFC), ANSI Standards Committees, Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance (NGLIA), UL Standards Committees, Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), National Lighting Bureau (NLB), and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Jeremy has degrees in Architectural Engineering with prior experiences in Lighting Design, Product Design, and System Engineering.

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