Webinar: Mythbusting! Horticultural LED Lighting

Wed., Sept. 8, 2021 from 1pm-2pm EST

Join the DLC’s panel of experts as they bust myths about horticultural lighting. This session will open the door for growers and other stakeholders to seek advice from experienced industry leaders. Lighting is one of the most important factors for optimizing plant growth in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Unfortunately, a number of misconceptions abound in terms of LEDs effectiveness.  Our panel will break down popular misconceptions and lay out growers’ major concerns utilizing LED lighting solutions, topics covered include LED lighting performance, going “smart”, and even general feasibility of LED lighting in CEA.


Key Takeaways:

  • Overcome out-dated thinking and remove barriers to LED adoption in CEA
  • Differentiate the pros and cons between LED lighting vs. HPS lamps
  • Explore performance of LED lighting in CEA today and the capabilities for the future


  • Kasey Holland

    Technical Manager
    DesignLights Consortium

    Kasey Holland is the Technical Manager of the DLC’s Horticultural Lighting Program, and focuses on Quality of Light for the DLC’s Solid-State Lighting program. Before joining the DLC, Kasey was a graduate research assistant at the Lighting Research Center, working on various projects ranging from 3D printing applications to lighting control system efficiency analysis. Kasey holds an M.S. in Lighting from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and B.S. in Engineering Physics from Stephen F. Austin State University.

  • Erico Mattos

    Executive Director
    Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering consortium (GLASE)

    Dr. Erico Mattos is the executive director of the Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering consortium, and co-founder and CEO of Candidus. Erico earned a Ph.D. (2013) from the University of Georgia and a B.S from the University of Sao Paulo (2009). In 2012, Erico completed Singularity University’s graduate studies program in Mountain View, CA. Most recently Erico was a recipient of the 2020 40 under 40 award by the LED magazine, and recognized by Produce Grower magazine in 2019 as Produce Pioneer by his contributions to the CEA industry. At GLASE, Erico works with academics and industry stakeholders to facilitate the development and implementation of new technologies aimed to improve CEA food production sustainability. At Candidus, Erico is leading the development and implementation of new lighting control technologies to increase greenhouses lighting energy use efficiency and maximize operations profitability.

  • Lauren Morlino

    Technical Manager
    Evergreen Consulting Group

    Before working at Evergreen,  Lauren was an Emerging Technologies and Services Manager at Efficiency Vermont, the statewide energy efficiency utility. Lauren specializes in researching and prototyping exciting, innovative, and efficient technologies and services for customers, especially underserved communities. During her career in the energy efficiency industry, Lauren has researched and designed initiatives for lighting, controls, refrigeration, consumer electronics, and controlled environment agriculture (CEA). She has consulted all over the U.S. on customer-centric program design and CEA, and has published papers on several emerging technologies. Lauren has presented at national conferences including ACEEE, AESP, DesignLights Consortium, DOE Better Buildings Summit, HortiCann Light + Tech, Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions, Esource, NEEA Efficiency Exchange, and NEEP.

  • Leora Radetsky

    Senior Lighting Scientist
    DesignLights Consortium

    Leora Radetsky is a Senior Lighting Scientist at the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) where she focuses on developing lighting solutions that promote energy optimization, quality, human factors, and performance in the areas of horticultural and architectural lighting. She has over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry as a research scientist with the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Director of Customer Education at Lighting Analysts, Inc.

  • John A. Wilson

    Founding Director
    Fernhill Shopworks

    John A. Wilson is founding director of Fernhill Shopworks, a market research and strategy firm serving utilities and the lighting industry.  Active in the cultivation community since 2006, John combines 15 years utility and lighting experience with 15 years of growing. His current passions include soul-jazz, summer time, and baseball on the radio.