Due to a high volume of SSL and Hort applications, initial and comprehensive review timeframes are currently extended by 10 days each. Beginning April 11, review priority will be given to applications updating V5.0 products to V5.1, which may also impact review timeframes for all other SSL application types. Click here for more details about SSL application review timeframes, and here for more details about Hort review timeframes. Thank you for your understanding!


DRAFT 1 Hort V3.0 Technical Requirements

This webinar will introduce submitters Draft 1of Hort V3.0 Technical Requirements.

[Mandarin] New DLC Application Portal Overview

On January 31, 2022, the DLC transitioned to a new application portal for manufacturers and labs to submit applications for product qualification on the Solid-State Lighting and Horticultural QPL. On February 8, 2022, the DLC provided an overview in Mandarin of how to utilize and submit applications in the new application portal, reviewed the transition timeline between the current and new portal, and any process changes implemented with the release of the new portal.

Application Submission Overview

The Application Submission Overview is a 3-part video series to provide you with a high-level overview of submitting applications in the new application Portal. In these videos you will learn how the submission process works and be provided with tips to enter information correctly.

Communicating with Reviewers

In this video you will learn how to communicate with your reviewer using the comments feature in the Application Portal to resolve issues during the application review process. 

Completing the Private Label Agreement

In this video we will review the process for completing the private label agreement form, which is the last step in submitting a private label application.

Logging Into the New Application Portal

In this video you will learn how to log into the new DLC application portal.

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