Webinar: What’s Next for Cybersecurity at the DLC?


Join us on Tuesday, July 20th for the DLC’s upcoming webinar, What’s Next for Cybersecurity at the DLC? This webinar will be broken in to two parts. The first hour will start with an overview of the current status of cybersecurity in networked lighting controls at the DLC. This overview will better prepare attendees to select appropriate cybersecurity certification for the needs of each project. In the second hour, attendees will participate in a lively discussion and polls where we will explore possibilities for future developments.

Download the DLC Cybersecurity Overview to familiarize yourself with current standards and services recognized by DLC.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Understand DLC timeline for cybersecurity certification and ways to qualify
  • Learn how the various DLC referenced cybersecurity certifications serve customer and building needs
  • Register your opinion whether DLC cybersecurity policy should be modified in any way
  • Participate in future development discussions around DLC’s cybersecurity policy

Who should attend?

  • Utilities and energy efficiency programs interested in cybersecurity
  • Lighting controls manufacturers
  • Labs that conduct cybersecurity testing

Why should you attend?

  • Help shape the future of lighting controls technology
  • Provide input to the DLC’s short and long-term cybersecurity draft policy
  • Generate ideas how the DLC can become more stringent and comprehensive in a multi-year plan