2024 Controls Summit

Please join us for the 2024 DLC Controls Summit, "Integration for the Future" to network and discuss how controls can be used to optimize savings in a variety of building types, share experiences with installing NLCs and integrating lighting controls with other building systems, and explore new DLC resources for that will encourage more NLC installations.

Draft NLC5.1 Q&A Session

Draft NLC5.1 Q&A Session

A DLC-hosted question-and-answer session to explain the drafted updates to the NLC5.1 Technical Requirements.

2023 DLC Controls Summit

Please join us for the 2023 DLC Controls Summit, "Unlocking the Potential of Networked Lighting Controls" to mingle with like-minded market influencers to hatch a plan to overcome challenges to increase the adoption of NLCs.

Future Proofing Energy Efficiency with Networked Lighting Controls

Explore the untapped energy savings from networked lighting controls and how integrating HVAC and NLC systems can help with building decarbonization with DLC Senior Technical Manager Levin Nock.

Completing the Application Questionnaire for NLC Applications

In this video you'll learn tips for completing the application questionnaire for  networked lighting control applications.

Starting an NLC Update or Private Label Application

In this video you'll learn how to begin networked lighting controls update applications or private label applications.

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