The DLC will begin accepting applications under Horticultural Technical Requirements V3.0 on Friday, March 31, 2023. If you will be submitting new products under V3.0 or updating existing products from V2.1 to V3.0, please review the information below to ensure you are prepared.

New Application Forms

New application Excel forms will be required for all Hort V3.0 applications (including update applications). You can download copies of these Excel forms below and on each “Qualify a Fixture” page.

Product Images

Because product design and form factor can vary considerably between manufacturers and brands, the DLC will require a product image to accompany each Hort V3.0 QPL listing. All Hort V3.0 applications (new products and product updates) must include product image(s), which will be displayed on the QPL. Download the resource below to review the DLC’s requirements and style guidelines for product images.

New ANSI/IES LM-79-19 Reporting Requirements

The DLC will require tests performed according to the 2019 version of LM-79 (ANSI/IES LM-79-19) for all new Hort V3.0 applications. Product update applications for products that meet the new efficacy threshold do not need to retest if they were tested under a previous version. Full information about testing and reporting is detailed in Section 9 of the Technical Requirements

Application Fees

New application fees will go into effect for all Horticultural applications starting on March 31, 2023. This increase allows the DLC to maintain the rigorous level of evaluation and review that goes into each application and supports new QPL features that provide better information for end users. Review the V3.0 application fees below.

Application Submission Review Webinar

The DLC recorded an informational webinar to review the application submission process for Hort V3.0. You can view the recording here.

If you have questions about Horticultural Technical Requirements V3.0, please contact