Meet the DLC! Erin Walling

As Technical Operations Analyst, Erin Walling supports DLC operations through application reviews, quality assurance/quality control, and process improvement.

What does she do in her down time? A lot.

The owner of a trio of guitars – acoustic, electric and bass, Erin started playing in middle school and was part of a heavy rock band as a young teenager. She still strums and shreds, gravitating toward any song that features a guitar solo, and lately joining her brother on piano-guitar duets during the holidays.

When Erin’s hands aren’t holding a guitar, they might be cradling a basketball, as she reminisces about her time as a shooting guard for the Tigers of Oklahoma’s East Central University, where she earned a BS in Business Administration. While she still “shoots around” sometimes, Erin no longer participates in organized basketball but fulfills her need for competitive sports through local volleyball and kickball leagues and by rock climbing.

Still time left in the weekend? Erin is probably drawing, and this has a competitive edge too. She participates “Inktober” – an annual online challenge to draw daily in October using different drawing prompts each day. Erin has adopted this method for drawing throughout the year, ensuring that she covers a wide range of subjects.

Professionally, Erin always intended to work someplace dedicated to somehow improving the world. While working as an energy analyst helping to implement Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s commercial rebate program, she learned from small business owners how much their companies benefited from switching to energy efficient lighting. She also utilized the DLC’s Qualified Products List almost daily. Erin joined the DLC in 2020, excited to be “part of a dedicated group working to make a change in the lighting industry and, ultimately, the energy efficiency world as a whole.”