As anyone in lighting can attest, explaining the ins and outs of a solid-state lighting career to those outside the industry can be challenging. Manager of Member Services Lani Malapan took the challenge a step further with a brave attempt to explain the DLC’s work to her five-year-old niece – to which she replied, “Oh, so you work at Home Depot!”.

Not quite – although, like the helpful staff at a hardware store, Lani does spend her days dispensing practical advice, connecting DLC members with the tools, resources, and services they need to keep commercial lighting efficiency programs running smoothly. Making that sort of positive impact is precisely why she came to work for the DLC in 2018, and helping members solve problems and embrace opportunities is the most rewarding part of her job. Additionally, Lani is instrumental in managing both newsletters, reinforcing the integrity of the DLC brand, and generally infusing fun and enthusiasm into DLC activities.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (concentration in Management and Environment) from the University of Vermont, Lani spent most of her pre-DLC career in residential energy efficiency programs, mastering everything from application processing to account and program management. Lani first worked for Efficiency Vermont before going to San Diego Gas and Electric’s Home Performance with Energy Star Program, which necessitated a cross-country move that took her on a nine-day, 4,161-mile, 77-hour drive through 17 states and planted the seed for eventually stepping foot in all 50.

A fan of New England winters, Lani is a downhill skiing enthusiast. When she isn’t skiing or dreaming of the next batch of states to visit, Lani is often scouring Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for old furniture to flip and refresh. While she loves giving pieces with history and character a fresh look and second life, Lani says at least half the fun of this hobby is in the searching and finding.