Meet the DLC Lisa Mirra

Lisa Mirra was familiar with the DesignLights Consortium well before she joined the staff in early 2018, having worked at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) for four years, processing payments for the DLC when it was still a NEEP program. After the DLC spun off to become a separate non-profit organization, Lisa took the leap as well, eager to get in on the ground floor of the new endeavor.

Now the DLC’s Senior Accounting Associate, Lisa handles all receivables and payables and assists manufacturers with questions about the payment process. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an Associate degree in Computer Programming.

When she isn’t calculating sums for the DLC, Lisa indulges her love of sports – especially football. Favoring one team in each NFL conference – the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots, Lisa developed her passion for the game growing up in in a town in which residents regularly flocked to Friday night football games. She also learned by watching Sunday afternoon games on TV with her father and brother. At one point, she could recite the entire Dallas Cowboys roster, including each player’s position.

These days, Lisa’s favorite sports to watch are the ones her children play – her daughter on a Division III college volleyball team and her sons on high school soccer, volleyball and track teams. Speaking of her children, they were all born on the 29th and her sons are twins. Lisa’s mother and her uncle, also twins, were born on February 22 – Washington’s birthday, and are aptly named Martha and George.

Besides sports and family time, Lisa enjoys walking and playing with her dog, Kali, and experimenting with new baking recipes in her kitchen.