The DLC will be switching to a new application portal for SSL and Hort applications on January 31, 2022. Any SSL and Hort applications that have been created must be submitted by close of business on January 31 in order to complete their review through the old portal. Any applications that remain unsubmitted on February 1 must be recreated in the new portal. There will be no change for NLC applications at this time. Click for more details.

This monthly industry update will provide you with current DLC news, updates, events, resources, and more to stay informed and find the best ways to connect with us!

Inside This Issue:


LED Lighting

Surveillance Testing Policy Effective Date
LUNA V1 Draft 2
Birds are Migrating – Lights Out, Please

Networked Lighting Controls

Congratulations 2021 Integrated Lighting Campaign Recognized Organizations
NLC5 Update Applications

Horticultural LED Lighting

Mythbusting! Horticultural LED Lighting
Submitting Hort V2.1 Applications

Upcoming Industry Events


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