The Version 5 revision to the SSL Technical Requirements is a series of specifications designed to improve the quality of light and controllability of DLC listed products. As a whole, V5’s phased approach to incorporating quality of light and controllability metrics on the QPL will help ensure high-quality products are listed, superior performing products can be differentiated, and additional energy savings are realized.

The V5 Technical Requirements have been separated into two policies: V5.0 and V5.1, which will be released in tandem on February 14, 2020. V5.0 contains the efficacy and dimmability requirements and V5.1 contains the quality of light requirements, including spectral quality and glare, and the remaining controllability requirements. The flicker requirements have been removed from the Technical Requirements.

View this webinar for an overview of the policies in Technical Requirements V5.0 and V5.1, and for information on how the two policies will be implemented.