A new report released on November 5 by the Alliance to Save Energy and the DLC indicates that state efficiency policies routinely understate energy savings potential of lighting systems, leaving substantial savings on the table. Key recommendations of the report include shifting energy efficiency programs toward incentive strategies that promote LED lighting and networked lighting controls (NLC) as a system, which could increase NLC lifetime savings by 22% and help shave peak demand. View this webinar to dig into the findings of this new research.

You’ll learn:

  1. How we can accomplish peak savings equal to 5% of today’s fossil fuel capacity by 2035.
  2. How lost opportunity for significant energy savings can be avoided when networked lighting is combined with lighting projects in savings assumptions.
  3. How focusing on measure lifetime savings rather than annual (first-year) savings goals can promote measures that result in significantly greater savings.

Read the report:


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