Qualifying LUNA Products

This video provides information that will help you better understand the testing and reporting requirements of LUNA products and how to complete the LUNA application form.

Completing the Application Questionnaire for NLC Applications

In this video you'll learn tips for completing the application questionnaire for  networked lighting control applications.

Starting an NLC Update or Private Label Application

In this video you'll learn how to begin networked lighting controls update applications or private label applications.

NLC Application: Communicating with Your Reviewer

In this video you'll learn how to communicate with your reviewer during the review process of your networked lighting control application. 

Logging Into the New Application Portal

In this video you will learn how to log into the new DLC application portal.

New Application Portal Overview

Now that you’ve learned how to log into the application portal, we’ll show you how to navigate the portal to easily find your applications, notifications, and invoices. 

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