Qualify a Fixture

Horticultural Level 1 (Formerly Single Product) Applications

Level 1 (formerly Single Product) applications are used to qualify a single product with one model number.

Application Instructions

Determine if your product is eligible to be qualified by the DLC and meets the Technical Requirements.

Complete the Hort OEM App Excel Form.
Download and complete the Hort OEM New App Excel Form (.xlsx) at the bottom of this page.

Create or log into your MyDLC account.
If you have not done so already, create a MyDLC account with the DLC. Once logged in, select the manufacturer you will be submitting on behalf of. Enter the Application Portal by clicking on the blue Application Portal button. Note that this button is only accessible for manufacturers and users authorized to submit applications.

Start a new application and upload the Hort OEM New App Excel Form.
Select the program and application type you wish to submit, name the application for your reference, and select the manufacturer you are submitting on behalf of. If you have not done so already, download and complete the Hort OEM New App Excel Form (.xlsx) at the bottom of this page. Upload this completed form under the “Upload Completed Application Excel Form” section. If there are errors within your uploaded form, a red error message will display the reason why the form was not accepted.

Complete the online application questionnaire.
Complete the application questionnaire by entering all required information and uploading all required supporting documentation files. Note that the questionnaire is separated into two pages (Product Info and Performance and Product Images). Both pages must be completed prior to submission. Your answers will be auto-saved, and you may exit and return to the questionnaire at any time.

Note that all supporting documentation must include the specific, relevant model or part number. Documents and files related to the luminaire, (e.g., LM-79, ISTMT) must include the unique model number of the luminaire that is included on the application. Documentation related to the LED package/model/array (e.g., the LM-80 report) must include the part number of the specific LED package/module/array that is named in the application. Please communicate with any independent laboratory the exact luminaire model number that it should include in its test reports.

Download a detailed checklist of required documentation for horticultural applications here. Required supporting documentation includes:

  • Completed product application form (.xlsx)
  • Manufacturer product specification sheet
  • Marketing brochure
  • Tested driver benchtop report (see this file for a suggested format)
  • Warranty documentation
  • Safety documentation (.pdf)
  • “All-on” photon flux text report
  • Spectral quantum distribution image
  • Photosynthetic photon intensity distribution image
  • LED specification sheet(s)
  • LM-80 report(s), PPF
  • ISTMT report(s)
  • TM-21 report(s), PPF
  • Driver specification sheet(s)
  • Driver ISTMT report(s)
  • Fan specification sheet(s)
  • Spectral channel test report(s)
  • Product image(s) for display on the QPL

Complete the Terms of Use agreement and submit the application.
Application reviews will not begin until the application is submitted. Once you have clicked “Submit,” you will be presented with the Terms of Use agreement that includes the Logo Guidelines Compliance Statement, Surveillance Testing Compliance Statement, and Safety Certification Compliance Statement. Full text of the agreement is available here. Sign the agreement to submit your application.

For those applicants who do not have the appropriate level of authority to agree to the Terms of Use, it is recommended that the signing authority create a DLC account under your company’s organization and digitally sign off once the application is complete.

Application Forms

The application forms below should be used on all applications submitted through the Application Portal.